YOU Have the Power to Make a Difference

There is something that everyone can do to make a difference in the world around us.  Yes, YOU have the power to improve your community or transform the lives of others.  Regardless of age, income, ability, time constraints, or responsibility, each of us has that power.  My purpose is to inspire you to act on that power and leverage your human capital to make a difference through volunteerism.Image

I never underestimate the potential of human capital.  I am humbled and inspired by many people who endeavor to do good in the world around us.  The social environment today is one where people desire to be involved in making a difference, not simply donate money to causes.  The experience of volunteering in areas of interest to the volunteer can provide a reward unmatched by many other activities in life and encourage a long lasting commitment to helping others.

Finding a good fit for volunteers is key in maximizing the experience.  All of us have talents and abilities that can serve as resources to organizations that help others, be they public agencies, non-profits, faith-based groups, or service clubs.  Many of us are time constrained by work, family, and other commitments but would like to find an opportunities to make a difference.  Those with declining abilities and limited mobility who wish to volunteer are certainly capable of doing so within their physical limits.  I have had the opportunity to engage individuals from many backgrounds with such constraints in rewarding volunteer work tailored to their needs.

My passion for volunteering is embedded in my personal values.  I began volunteering as a child helping my grandmother make baby blankets that her Women’s club donated to local hospitals for new mothers in dire circumstances as some women were so poor that the hospital discharged newborns wrapped in newspaper.  I was forever inspired by a desire to help improve the world I lived in.  And, I believed that I had a responsibility to do my part to make a difference.

So, I began to engage in a lifetime commitment to volunteerism.  I provided service in my community through church activities as a youth and adult. While in college, I was active in the employee volunteer network of a large, publicly traded, global bank.  I worked on campaigns to save open space, recruited and coordinated volunteers to further that cause.  I directed a program where more than 10,000 volunteers in my community donated their personal time to make a difference.  As a mother with a small child, our family seeks opportunities to volunteer in our community.

My purpose is to inspire YOU to act on your desire to make a difference in the community.   There are opportunities to volunteer as an individual or group through a variety of services, and my goal is to help you identify rewarding experiences through volunteerism that fit within your interests and schedule.  YOU have the power to make a difference.


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